Tribal - Earrings

The tribal Collection for Navratri echoes the vibrant spirit of Indian festivities. Each earring in this series is a celebration of rhythmic tribal art infused with the vivacity of Navratri. Showcasing intricate patterns and vivid hues, these earrings are reminiscent of the festival's lively dances and rich traditions.
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EK-SFEAR364 - Purple Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR363 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR363 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR363 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR362 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR362 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR361P - Pink Color Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR360 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR360 - Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR319G - Multicolor Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR336GR - Green Color Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR336BK - Black Color Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR335R - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR332GRA - Green Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR319SL - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR318G - Multicolor Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR316SLM - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR316SL - Green Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR316G - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR315G - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR314G - Blue Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR313 - White Color Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR254G - Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR254 - Green Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR252G - Green Color Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR334 - Pink Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR333BL - Blue Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR332GR - Green Color Tribal Earrings

Festival of Colors: Unraveling Tribal (Navratri) Earrings

The Tribal Earrings collection is an exciting combination of vintage craftsmanship and contemporary design style for individuals who want original jewellery pieces. This collection is a tribute to the tribal heritage and adds an element of cultural diversity to your jewelry box.

Mortantra’s Tribal Earrings range offers a broad and diverse selection of designs that suit different preferences for situations. All items in the collection are done with great precision and care, so every earring stands out as a work of art. These tribal earrings are made of high-quality metal with an electro-silver plate that gives the jewelry a shiny and durable finish.

An exciting aspect of this collection is using a Jadau stone setting, which can be considered a traditional form used in Indian jewellery making. This technique entails insetting gemstones with the intention of enhancing their visibility and brilliance. The outcome is a fantastic showcase of mastery and grace, with each earring radiating a regal and luxurious look.

Our range of the Tribal Earrings is comprehensive. There are multicoloured tribal earrings and solid designs with their own individuality. The palettes vary from bright multi-colour options to more subtle single-colour designs, ideal for every taste.

Our collection offers earrings designed with push-back fastenings for easy wear and security. It features intricate stone settings and top-quality finishes to complete each piece in its exquisite Tribal collection. Perfect for special events and everyday attire, Mortantra has something in their Tribal collection to enhance any ensemble and add elegance and class!

The Tribal earrings are beautiful bundles of colourful brass and semiprecious stone designs that provide the first hint of Navratri heritage. With these beautiful earrings, we provide affordable elegance that still speaks of tribal tradition. 

Perfect for those who appreciate jewelry with meaning - pieces that not only accent an outfit but can act as conversation starters, too - Mortantra offers pieces like these as conversation pieces!