Antique Gold

Step back in time with our Antique Gold Collection, a timeless array of vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. Explore the allure of these antique gold designs, perfect for adding a touch of old-world elegance to your look. Elevate your style with the rich and historical charm of antique gold jewelry.
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MRNG91M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Rings
TJ-R14M - Multicolor Adjustable Thappa Jadau Kundan Ring
MS897 - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Short Necklace Sets
TR-B1G - Gold Plated Lehr Bangle (1 piece)
TJ-R24M - Thappa Jadau Kundan Ring
ME1049M - Jadau Kundan Earrings
TJ-R60M - Thappa Jadau Kundan Ring
MRNG138M - Jadau Kundan Ring
TR-RNG54P - Pink Gold Plated Ring
TJ-R48 - White Color Gold Plated Adjustable Thappa Jadau Kundan Ring
TMPSET123M - Multicolor Gold Plated Temple Necklace Set
TMPBAN94P - Temple Bangles
MS1701M - Pink Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Necklace Set
TJ-R44WP - Thappa Jadau Kundan Ring
MS1328Y - Green Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Necklace Set
TR-EAR59P - The Mortantra Earrings
MR-S315M - Mishr Necklace Set
TR-EAR58P - The Mortantra Earrings
MB118M - Jadau Kundan Bangles
MRNG91 - Jadau Kundan Rings
TR-RNG53GR - Green Color Gold Plated Ring
TR-EAR60GR - The Mortantra Earrings
MKS22 - Temple Earchains
TJ-R43WP - Thappa Jadau Kundan Ring