Tribal - Collection

Discover a world where tradition meets trend in Mortantra's Tribal Navratri Collection. Each piece, an Indian testament to the artistry of Gujarat’s tribal heritage, invites you to embrace your unique style. Celebrate the festival with jewellery that's not just an accessory but a story of culture, boldness, and individual expression.
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EK-SFEAR319G - Multicolor Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFSET278M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET277M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET276MA - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET276M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET275MA - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET275M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET274M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET273M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET270M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET269M - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFSET94MB - Multicolor Tribal Necklace Set
EK-SFNECK465 - Multicolor Silver Plated Tribal Necklace
EK-SFEAR336GR - Green Color Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR336BK - Black Color Silver Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR335R - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR332GRA - Green Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR319SL - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR318G - Multicolor Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR316SLM - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR316SL - Green Color Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR316G - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR315G - Multicolor Tribal Earrings
EK-SFEAR314G - Blue Color Tribal Earrings

Echoes of Ancestry: Celebrate with Mortantra's Tribal Elegance

As the sun sets and the Navratri night comes alive, Mortantra invites you to adorn yourself with our Tribal Collection. Each piece in this collection is a testament to your personal style and a bridge connecting you to the ancient heritage and vibrant spirit of tribal cultures. These jewels, crafted with care and passion, embody the raw, untamed beauty of tribal artistry, blending seamlessly with the sophistication that Mortantra is renowned for.

With each ornament, feel the rhythm of tribal drums and the warmth of earthen fires. Our Tribal Navratri Collection is a homage to the age-old traditions, where every bead and every pattern tells a story of strength, spirit, and belonging. Mortantra doesn't just offer jewellery; we offer pieces of history, art, and soul that resonate with your personal journey.

With the Tribal Navratri Collection, Mortantra invites you to adorn yourself with exquisite jewellery and express your unique style and individuality. Each piece in this collection serves as a statement of personal expression, allowing you to celebrate the festival while embracing the rich cultural heritage and boldness of tribal traditions.

As you move with grace and power, let our collection reflect your deepest roots and wildest dreams. Celebrate this Navratri with Mortantra, where heritage meets style, and tradition dances with modernity. Embark on this festive journey with us, where every piece is a melody of the past, a celebration of the now, and a whisper of the future. Your story is unique; let it shine with Mortantra's Tribal Navratri Collection.

The Tribal Navratri Collection celebrates the significance of tribal artistry by showcasing the raw, untamed beauty of tribal cultures. Each piece in the collection embodies the strength, spirit, and belonging of these ancient traditions, allowing you to embrace your roots and express your individuality through the art of jewellery.