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Inspired by the rich craft our country is blessed with, at Mortantra we want to offer affordable luxury with jewellery that has its essence rooted to our rich culture. Each piece in our collection is a harmonious blend of ancient artistry and contemporary elegance, featuring twinkling diamonds, lustrous stones, and the finest craftsmanship. Mortantra's expansive collection is a rich tapestry of Indian heritage, a blend of tradition and modernity. We wish every piece to become a tale of artistry and handcrafted elegance!

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ME700M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME881Y - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME915M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME974M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME896P - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME983 - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME968M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings/Kaanphool
ME970M - Multicolor Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME708P - Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME1065M - Jadau Kundan Earrings
CZEAR325 - White Color Gold Plated Faux Diamond Earrings
ME751M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME751Y - White Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME723M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME928M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME1064M - Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME78 - Multicolor Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME927M - Multicolor Jadau Kundan Earrings
TJ-E5 - Multicolor Thappa Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME949Y - White Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Earrings
TJ-E37 - Thappa Jadau Kundan Earrings
TJ-E36M - Thappa Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME1051M - Jadau Kundan Earrings
ME1044M - Jadau Kundan Earrings

Enchanting Array of Mortantra Jewels

The Necklace Sets at the heart of this collection stand as exquisite expressions of cultural richness, blending intricate detailing with modern design elements. From the regal charm of Jadau Kundan to the fusion elegance of Mishr Necklace Sets, each piece is a testament to Mortantra's commitment to preserving and reinventing India's diverse jewelry traditions.

Earrings, a quintessential part of Indian adornment, offer a spectrum of choices in Mortantra's collection. From statement Jhumkas that echo the grandeur of ancient times to delicate Ear Chains that add a touch of modern sophistication, the earrings showcase the brand's versatility. Hair Accessories, including Maang Tikkas and Hairpins, seamlessly combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary designs, offering an enchanting range that completes the bridal or festive look.

The Necklaces/Mala category extends beyond daily wear, with designs ranging from classic Malas to intricately crafted Temple Necklaces, each telling a story of cultural significance and artistic finesse. Rings, Bangles/Kada, and Bracelets feature designs inspired by India's diverse regions, celebrating the artistry.

Hathphool, Nose Rings, Nose Pins, and Earchains add intricate detailing to facial adornment, showcasing Mortantra's dedication to providing a comprehensive selection that caters to every preference. Paayal, Kaleera, and Waist Belts complete the ensemble, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and style. Mortantra's Indian Jewellery Collection is an invitation to explore the diverse facets of Indian culture through meticulously crafted pieces that transcend time and trends.

Step into the world of Mortantra's jewelry and beautify yourself with pieces that capture the essence of sophistication. From intricate malas, paayals to twinkling earchains and necklaces, embrace the fusion of tradition and modern aesthetics as our collection transcends trends timelessly.