Men’s Jewelry Collection

The Mortantra Men's Collection is where sophistication meets rugged charm. It's an exquisite curation of jewellery that enhances style and embraces the essence of masculine elegance through Malas and Kalangis. Embark on a journey of refined style with Mortantra's Men's Jewelry Collection. Each piece, a blend of rugged sophistication and masculine elegance, is carefully crafted to enhance your personal story.

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MKLG287 - Jadau Kundan Kalangi
MN358 - Mala
MN355MR - Mala
MN364B - Mala
MN364GR - Mala
MN364MR - Mala
MN364OR - Mala
MKLG11MA - Jadau Kundan Kalangi
MKLG10YR - Jadau Kundan Kalangi
MN401 - Mala
MN400 - Mala
MN414 - White Long Mala

MN414 - White Color Necklace/Mala

Rs. 6,000.00Rs. 4,200.00
MN397 - Maroon Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala
MN398 - White Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Necklace/Mala
MN416YP - Multicolor Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Necklace/Mala
MN420 - Grey Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala
MN421 - Grey Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala
MN423 - White Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala
MN424 - Green Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Necklace/Mala
MN440 - Green Color Gold Plated Jadau Kundan Necklace/Mala
MN402 - Yellow Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala
MN413 - White Color Necklace/Mala

MN413 - White Color Necklace/Mala

Rs. 7,000.00Rs. 4,900.00
MN463GR - Green Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala
MN464GR - Green Color Gold Plated Necklace/Mala

Elevate Your Essence: Mortantra's Men's Collection

Mortantra understands jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's a personal statement that reflects your inner spirit and strength. 

Our Men's Collection pays tribute to Indian tradition, blending contemporary design. This collection, rich in cultural significance and modern flair, is designed to adorn and empower.

Indian traditions always symbolise prestige, power, and personal style. These pieces have always been more than mere decorations, from the majestic Maharajas adorned in regal jewels to the modern man seeking elegance. They are heirlooms, carrying stories of heritage and honour passed down through generations. This rich history inspires our collection - each piece echos a story, a tradition, a moment in time.

By blending contemporary design with rich cultural significance, Mortantra's Men's Collection pays homage to Indian traditions and empowers the modern man to embrace his heritage through personal style. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Men's Collection features rings, bracelets, and other accessories that embody ruggedness and refinement. These pieces are perfect for the modern man who values his roots and prides himself on his heritage. Whether it's a bold Kalangi that speaks to your strength or a subtle Mala that whispers of your elegance, our jewellery is designed to resonate with your personal narrative.

Mortantra is not just about jewelry but a journey into artisanal craftsmanship, where every piece tells a story. We invite you to explore this journey and find pieces that speak to you and echo your individuality. Let our Men's Collection testify to your unique style and spirit, celebrating tradition blended with modern sensibility.

By choosing Mortantra, you're not just wearing a piece of jewelry; you're carrying a piece of art, a fragment of history, a part of Indian tradition, reinvented for the modern world. Embrace tradition with our Men's Collection, and let your style speak for itself.